An Open Source Framework for Video and Image Processing


In cooperation with NOAA’s Automated Image Analysis Strategic Initiative (AIASI), Kitware and it’s partners have developed VIAME (Video and Image Analytics for Marine Environments), an open-source system for analysis of video and imagery for fisheries stock assessment and a variety of other applications. VIAME contains a number of different workflows for the generation of different object detectors, full frame classifiers, image mosaics, and methods for stereo measurement. Both a desktop and web version exists for deployments in different types of environments.

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  • Open Source basis fosters easy collaboration and transparent development for the widest possible community involvement.
  • Multiple Baseline Algorithms allows users to train detector, classification, and size estimation models based on varying amounts of training data.
  • Modular Dataflow Architecture enables straightforward integration of a wide variety of third party analytics, libraries and tools. The Kitware Video and Image Exploitation and Retrieval toolkit, which includes a pipelined image processing framework, baseline algorithms, and wrappers around algorithms from the broader computer vision community, allows user to connect C++, Python, and Matlab processing nodes into distributed pipelines.