An Open Source Framework for Underwater Image Processing


Video and Image Analytics for Marine Environments

In cooperation with NOAA’s Automated Image Analysis Strategic Initiative (AIASI), Kitware has developed VIAME, an open-source system for analysis of underwater video and imagery for fisheries stock assessment. VIAME will enable rapid, low-cost integration of new algorithmic modules, datasets and workflows.

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  • Open Source basis fosters easy collaboration and transparent development for the widest possible community involvement.
  • Multiple Baseline Algorithms allows users to train detector, classification, and size estimation models based on varying amounts of training data.
  • Modular Dataflow Architecture enables straightforward integration of a wide variety of third party analytics, libraries and tools.
  • Based on KWIVER, the Kitware Video and Image Exploitation and Retrieval toolkit, which includes a pipelined image processing framework, baseline algorithms, and wrappers around algorithms from the broader computer vision community.