Workshop and Challenge: Automated Analysis of Marine Video for Environmental Monitoring

Workshop Program

SessionStart TimeTitleSpeaker/Author(s)
9:00Welcome and IntroductionCo-Chairs
9:15[Invited] Underwater video collection and exploitation for stock assessment by the NOAA Fisheries Science CentersRandy Cutter, NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center
10:00Automated Analysis of Marine Video With Limited DataYuval Belfer; Elad Osherov; Deborah B.H. Levy; Tali Treibitz; Eyal Bigal; Aviad Scheinin; Hagai Nativ; Dan Tchernov
10:30Morning Break
Marine Flora and Fauna
11:00[Invited] Dynamic Data Driven Observatories for IdentificationSai Ravela, MIT
11:45A Comparison of Deep Learning Methods for Semantic Segmentation of Coral Reef Survey ImagesSuchendra Bhandarkar; Andrew C King; Brian Hopkinson
12:15Stingray Detection of Aerial Images Using Augmented Training Images Generated by A Conditional Generative ModelChien-Hung Chen; Yi-Min Chou; Keng-Hao Liu; Chu-Song Chen
Marine Imaging and Measurement
14:00[Invited] Statistical Tomography of Microscopic LifeYoav Schecter, Technion
14:45Camera Calibration for Underwater 3D Reconstruction Based on Ray Tracing using Snell's LawThomas B. Moeslund; Rikke Gade; Malte Pedersen*; Stefan Hein Bengtson; Niels Madsen
15:15[Invited] A Revised Underwater Image Formation ModelDerya Akkaynak, Marine Imaging Laboratory, University of Haifa
16:00Afternoon Break
Marine Image Challenge Results
16:15Challenge DescriptionCo-Chairs
16:30Challenge Winner First Place
16:45Challenge Winner Second Place
17:00Challenge Winner Third Place